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Bringing the Imagination to Education

The Art of Movement- Students used marbles and finger paints to study the movement of objects.

Engaging students in the arts to show them how to paint their own dreams, sculpt them into realities, and more.



Hello and welcome to my eFolio page! What is an eFolio you ask? Well, it is an online portfolio I have put together. This is a place where you can look over some of the work and experiences that I have had during my time at Holy Cross College.

Keeping The Arts alive in a time where budget cuts are so big is something that is very important to me. If it had not been for my love of art classes and being allowed a creative outlet when everything else was so strict and structured, I might not be here today.

That is why I have made it my goal as a future elementary school teacher to remind my students that their imaginations are creativity are important! I want to show my students that they can paint their own dreams- my job is just to show them how to hold the brush.

The photograph above is from a science lesson I did with my second grade class at Hay Primary Center during my student teaching internship. We were learning about the different movements of objects and how the speeds those objects moved could effect the lines or paths they might take. We put four squirts of finger paints in the center of the boxes, and then dropped a marble in the paints. Together, we moved our boxes and marbles at different speeds and attempted to get the paints to show different kinds of line movements. The next day students wrote about their marble movements in their journals describing what they saw in their dried painting. Not only did we cover about three science standards, but the students also came out with a pretty cool painting!

My passions really lie with the students, and trying to make an impact in whatever way I can. I believe that my experiences during my time at Holy Cross College have helped shape me to be a more open and understanding person. Please feel free to look over the different pages, and if you have any questions or comments- my contact information if listed on the Contact Information page.






Alexandra Gamble

Certified in K-6 Elementary Education and English as a New Language

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